EDSP 6644: Final Reflection

Danielle Petrovich Lit Review EDSP

I chose to include my literature review assignment as my artifact for this class.  The topic of my paper is students with emotional behavioral disorders.  Many students with EBD spend the majority of their school day in a general education classroom setting.  This means all educators are highly likely to work with a student with EBD.  As such, it is important for educators to mindful of the challenges that kids with EBD face and the best ways to support them.  Being aware of this topic will make me a better teacher because it makes me a more informed educator.  Every student is unique and has different needs, but knowing what some of the common challenges are and some of the strategies that are successful in working with students with EBD makes me better equipped to help these students.  Students with EBD need support and instruction in not only academic, but social and emotional skills as well.  They are challenging students, and understanding why is an essential component of helping them.  In my paper I discuss how important building relationships with students is.  This is true of all students, but it is especially significant to helping students with EBD be successful.  With all the responsibilities modern educators have it is hard to find time to build relationships, especially with students who can be very difficult to interact with.  Despite what their actions may imply, students with EBD really do want to connect with people and they need to.  Another teaching strategy I have taken away from this research is the importance of praise.    It is very important to catch students doing well and to positively acknowledge them, especially if they do not often get compliments from the adults in their lives.  Part of this is providing lots of opportunities for all students to be praised.  The more positive interactions teachers have with their students, the more likely that this trend will continue in the future.  Many of the strategies for helping students with EBD apply to general education students as well.  Ultimately, helping the student(s) in your class who have EBD is beneficial to all the students and you because it promotes a positive learning environment and good rapport among everyone.